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July 5, 2013
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You sighed as you rode the bus from downtown back towards your home town, turning up your ipod as some of the other passengers where rowdy and rolled your eyes.
‘Joy, over an hour on this bus alone because I’ve been abandoned, again.” You think, leaning against the window and stared as rain started pouring down. The reason you had been downtown was due to the fact that some ex-best friends of yours called you to the river front with the story they wanted to make amends to you for cutting you out of their lives only to drive by you and shout “loser”. Needless to say the weather was reflecting your mood.
You were startled when an elderly man stumbled into you, quickly removing your headphones and stood.
“Are you okay sir?” you ask, taking him by the elbow and balanced him.
“I’m so sorry, my legs aren’t what they used to be.” The man smiled sadly at you.
“It’s alright.” You smile softly, glancing around and noted there were no available seats. “Sir you can sit here, I don’t mind standing.”
“Thank you, Dearie, no one else offered.” He sat down and sighed.
“Yeah… people can be jerks. I should go grab the hand hold now, have a good day.” You wave, walking from the back of the bus towards the front and yelped quietly as someone pushed you to the ground.
“Ms. Are you alright?” a man said softly, holding his hand out to you and smiled gently as you glanced up at him.
‘What the hell?! Hiddle’s on the bus?!” you blush slightly, standing without his help and brushed yourself off. “Th-thanks and I’m fine. People are jerks sometimes, right?” you smile softly.
“Not all people, you’ve proven that.” Tom caught you as you stumbled and chuckled softly as you clung to him.
“S-sorry, I have bad balance…” you giggle nervously, backing away and grabbing the holding rung. ‘Oh my god embarrassing much?! I must have looked like a complete doofus!” you scold yourself, adjusting your bag and squeaked as a hand brushed against your rear.
“Hey pretty thang, why don’t you plant your tush right here!” a man patted his knee as you turned to glare at him.
“Please keep your hands to yourself.” You growl, twitching as a hand wraps around your waist and pulled you back. You spin on your foot, slapping the owner of the hand and paled as your palm made substantial contact with Tom’s face. “O-oh my god I’m so sorry! I didn’t- I didn’t know it was you!” you panic, putting your hand over your mouth and teared up. ‘Oh shit I can’t believe I hit him!”
“”It’s alright, Love, I should have told you I was going to put my arm around you.” He smiled softly, a hand to where you had hit him.
“I-I’m seriously so sorry, I’m not used to being so close to people!”
“Stop forty two (H/t). Please take all your items with you.” The bus said as it came to a stop next to your college. You’d planed it that way so you could go to class afterwards if something went wrong.
“Th-this is me! Bye!” you quickly step out of the bus, running across the road and tripped into the grass. ‘Well this day went oh so well…” you sigh, standing and walking into your school.
“(Y/n) you made it? I wasn’t expecting you to be here.” Midge gasped at seeing you drenched in the door way.
“I figured as much, considering the fact that you lured me down town and left me there. Thank god for bus systems or I’d have missed presentation day. Thanks for that, by the way. Trying to make me lose points, and why? Because I thought we might be able to be friends again? Real classy.” You snap, tearing up and pushing by her.
“We’re not done here!” she shouted at you.
“Yes, we’re done. Go back to your little world where I don’t exist. It’s easier for both of us that way.” You go to head towards the classroom, stopping and turning into the book store. ‘Might as well get a new sketchbook since I filled out the last one pretty fast…” you thought, picking up the last sketchbook and quickly paid for it. You walked out the door, yelping slightly as you were shoved to the side and felt the book be ripped from your grip. You quickly spun on your heel, glaring at Midge as she smirked with your book in her hands.
“Thanks for the new book.” Midge cackled.
“Midge please, return my book.” You managed to utter out with just the tiniest bit of venom in your voice.
“No, this is mine now.” She growled.
“God why are you doing this? I’ve done nothing to you.”
“Excuse me, Ms., but I believe this does not belong to you.” Tom smiled gently as he slipped your sketchbook from her, walking over to you and holding it out. “Here you go, Ms.”
“Y-you got off the bus? But-but why? This couldn’t have been your stop, could it?” you stuttered out, blushing slightly and cautiously took the book.
“It’s true, this is not my stop. I wanted to make sure you where alright after that fall you took, it seemed like it hurt.”
“N-no I’m fine, I’ve done worse than falling on some grass. Th-thank you, though… and thanks for getting my sketchbook back, it was the last one…” you bowed your head slightly, a small smile playing on your features as you teared up slightly and blushed. “Thank you, for everything… and I’m sorry I made you miss your stop…”
“It’s fine by me, Love. I had nothing to do today, really.” He smiled, rubbing your head and turned to the other. “And you, Ms., need some better manners.”
“Whatever! (Y/n) betrayed us!” Midge growled.
“How did I do that? By moving back in with my parents so I wouldn’t have to drop out of college? Or was it the fact that you guys started ignoring me for no reason?” you snapped. “S-sorry… that was rude of me, but… it’s kind of true. A-anyways I should get to class…” you shook your head, turning and walking away.
“Ms.… might I join you in class today?” he grabbed your elbow gently.
“Um… sure… I guess…? But it’s just chemistry and we don’t even get to experiment… it’s actually kind of boring…” you blush as his hand slid around your shoulders.
“Then why are you taking it?” he raised his eyebrows, truly puzzled.
“Not my choice, bachelor’s degrees require a lot of things that we really have no use for.” You laughed softly, opening the door and holding it open for him.
“I see… how long is this class?” he followed you to your seat, taking the one next to you and watched as you started doodling in the new sketchbook.
“Two hours. You really should just leave.” You sighed, rolling your eyes as Midge walked in and at behind you.
“So we can leave in two hours?” he picked up your bag and started rummaging through it.
“You can leave whenever, I have another class.” You sigh, watching as he flipped through your one notebook.
“Seriously? Another class?” he asked.
“Yup. I don’t get out til eight fifty.”
“Hm… what are you doing tomorrow?”
“Class at eleven and out by one. Why?” you tilted your head.
“Would you like to join me for lunch tomorrow?”
“Uh… um… sure… I guess? But why would you want to hang with me? I mean, I’m barely average in everything.” You blushed slightly and buried your face in your sketchbook.
“You interest me… and so far you’re the kindest person I have met while staying here. Plus,” he leaned to your ear, “You are the only person who seems to have recognized me…” he chuckled softly.
“Blame tumblr and youtube…” you giggled, pushing at him and winced as someone kicked your chair. ‘And Midge is being a bitch.”
“Here, give me your mobile.” He held his hand out in front of you.
“Don’t run my bill up.” You joked, taking your phone from your pocket and handed it to him.
“What’s this?” he held the phone like it was something disgusting.
“My phone. I call it Brick.” You laughed at his expression.
“It looks like one. I thought all American college students had smart phones?” he clicked around on the device.
“Not me. I got the Brick when I first got to college. Thing’s lasted over three years even with all the abuse I’ve given it.” You took the item back as he held it out to you and slipped it back into your pocket.
“So you’d rather have a brick instead of a smart phone?”
“Bingo.” You nod.
“I shall text you later, alright?’ he rubbed your head before standing and leaving.
‘Oh damn, what have I gotten myself into?” you couldn’t help but to smile at everything that was happening.
I was very bored, I'm sorry...
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Amulet-Voltaire Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I love the story, but I now have a strange urge to go punch my friend Midge :XD: of course I won't, it's just a story... an amazing story.
Fated-Wings Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Don't punch your friend, I try to find names of people I don't know personally for series so the people who it's really about can't yell at me for using their name...
Amulet-Voltaire Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
:XD: I won't punch her, make her read this story yes, punch her no.
Fated-Wings Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Well as long as you don't punch her
Amulet-Voltaire Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I won't :meow:
soldiergirlrenee Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014
That was good!!! U should continue !!!!!!!
Fated-Wings Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I will, eventually...
CoinOperatedGirl666 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Yes please!
FakeK Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013  Student Writer
If this is how you write when you're bored, please be bored more often. 
Fated-Wings Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
You should read what I dream
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