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Loki’s Point of View

I rubbed my head as I pulled myself form the rubble of the pantry, storming to (Y/n)’s room, throwing the door open and stopping dead in my tracks as I saw her bare back in front of me. I could feel my jaw drop as I watched her rub lotion on her arms, mentally slapping myself and making my way over to her. I gently placed my hands on her shoulders, chuckling as she yelped and quickly wrapped her arms around herself as I leaned to her neck.
“L-Loki I had the door closed for a reason! G-get out!” (Y/n) ordered, her face a lovely shade of crimson as I pulled her to my bare chest an d rubbed the lotion streaks on her flesh. “L-Loki?!”
“Shh Love, if you keep quiet I’ll forgive your transgressions against me.” I sighed into her ear, smiling as I pressed my cheek against hers and started rocking slowly with her.
“T-transgressions? You mean not teaching you when you wanted me to?” she snapped, pulling away from me and flopping down on the bed, face first. “Get out!”
“You were trying to apply lotion, were you not? Allow me to be of assistance.” I rubbed some lotion in my hands, kneeling over her and putting my hands to her back. If I wanted my plan to work I’d have to make her like me.
Reader’s Point of View
Your face was crimson as you laid there, keeping your eyes shut as he knelt over you and jerked slightly as his cool hands pressed against your back.
‘Oh god this is wonderful! Clint ruined my body last night… and after Stark’s party I was already messed up…” you think, your body relaxing as his fingers worked their magic on your aching muscles and let out a small gasp as he hit a knot in your lower back.
“I take it you’re enjoying this…” Loki snickered, pressing his knuckles to the knot and smiled as you melted.
“You have no idea…” you mumbled, turning your head and smiled at him.
“You have a beautiful smile.” He leaned o you, pressing his lips to your cheek and laughed as you turned away from him.
‘Oh this can’t be happening… there’s no way he could really like me…” you think, going to move away from him when he started tickling your sides and shrieked in laughter. “L-Loki stop!” you begged, squirming around and keeping yourself covered, meaning you weren’t able to fight back at all
“I think no.” he had his evil laugh as his hands found your most ticklish spot.

Loki’s Point of View
I managed to find the sweet spot on (Y/n)’s body, laying my chest on her squirming back and laughed at her squealing. Such a highly enjoyable Midgardian she was. Even if this was all to get the All Father’s approval at least I wouldn’t be bored with her as a wife.
“L-Loki please! T-the so-sooner I eat the so-oner you’ll b-be taught!” (Y/n) gasped as her stomach roared loudly.
“Tch… oh, all right.” I sighed, leaning back and lifted her to sit up.
“L-leave so I can finish changing…” she panted, her face crimson as she avoided my gaze and shuddered as I nuzzled against her neck. She was adorable in all her reactions.
“But you’re too beautiful to leave alone.”
“C-come on, stop joking and let me get some clothes on.”
“Hm…” I waved my hand over her body, a (f/c) dress draping itself over her skin and turned her to face me, even though she resisted me all the way.

Reader’s Point of View
You tried not to turn, not realizing you were fully clothed, opening your (e/c) eyes slowly and blushed anew at seeing him before you. A deep purple dress shirt covered his chest, black pants and shoes accompanied to complete the outfit.
“Well at least now you’ll be stared at for the right reason…” you mumble, staring to the side and twitched as he took your chin in his hand.
“You aren’t going to be jealous, are you, Love?” Loki smirked as you glared at him, smacking his hand away before quickly covering yourself again. You blinked in shock as you felt the silky texture of your dress and glanced at it.
“Ah? When-? Loki did you-?” you glance up at him and blink.
“I did. Now where do we get food since you’re out?” he smiled at you.
“Ah, um… Either Tony’s place or a restaurant…” you mumble out, walking into the living room and looked around for your purse.
“I’d rather not see Stark again, he was being rather creepy the last time I saw him.” He wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you to his hip and held up your purse.
“Yeah I’d rather avoid that group as well.” You nod, smiling and letting him lead you out.
I should be asleep. Oh well, not too tired.

Avengers belongs to Marvel

Probably shouldn't have watched The Ruins tonight. I expect weird dreams... Hey, who watches AMC's Freak Show? Would anyone like a MorguexReader that's been floating around in my head since yesterday?
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Darkened-Innocence Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014  Student General Artist
This too is awesome! Why you no complete them????

Keep up the awesome work. :D

Fated-Wings Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I have a bad habit of losing interest and muse for them. I go back, slowly...
Darkened-Innocence Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Student General Artist
(sigh) I'm in the same boat... I still needto finish most of my own stories... (Sigh) Now to go find inspiration!
ChristaRennerston Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I've seen a couple epis... I like Morgue :)
Fated-Wings Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Morgue's my fave
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