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August 13, 2013
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I pulled the jacket on as I opened the door into my room, yelping slightly as an arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me out of the room.
‘Bruce!” I sighed at seeing him standing in front of me, blushing as he lifted me into his arms and quickly wrapped my arms around his neck. ‘Bruce what the hell?!”
“I’m sorry I can’t do anything about your voice, I’m not sure how to counter act Loki’s magic.” Bruce said quietly as he walked into the elevator, holding onto me and sighed. “You really are just skin and bones, aren’t you?”
‘I’m perfectly healthy.” I glared at him.
“What’s the look for?” he blinked, stepping out into the kitchen as the door opened and set me on a chair.
“Eve thinks’ she’s perfectly healthy.” Loki said as he sat next to me.
“That’s absurd. Even without the medical exam I gave you the instant you arrived anyone can clearly see you’re pale skin, sunken in eyes, and even your rib cage.” Bruce snapped, setting a plate of eggs and bacon in front of me. “Are you anorexic?”
‘No…” I shook my head.
“Then your parents didn’t feed you, is that it?” he crossed his arms over his chest.
‘Yes…” I thought, shaking my head in a lie.
‘Eve, Love, why don’t you tell him the truth?” Loki’s voice asked in my head, causing me to jump and stare at him. ‘Yes, Eve, you’re hearing my thoughts. I won’t tell Bruce you’re lying, but I want to know why you would defend your parents after the way they treated you.” He smiled gently as my face flushed with a rosy blush.
“Are you two talking telepathically?” Bruce growled slightly.
“Yes, what better way to have a private conversation with someone while others are around?” Loki smirked.
“Is Eve lying about why she’s so malnourished?” Bruce raised his eyebrows. “Is that why she’s blushing?”
“I believe whispering sweet nothings and certain… in bed activates has caused her blush, not a lie.” Loki chuckled as I stared to the side, my face a bright crimson by this point.
“Well it’s not a parasite or anything medical, so it has to be she’s either not eating or she was abused.” Bruce growled.
‘I can’t take this.” I thought, grabbing the plate and stood.
“Eve, where are you going?” he asked in shock as I headed towards the elevator.
“Some where you won’t be a bother to her.” Loki stood, following along behind me and slipped into the elevator as the doors closed. “JARVIS take us to the living quarters.”
‘Please.” I glared at Loki.
“Please.” He added.
‘Thank you.” I took a fork full of eggs.
“JARVIS send up all the food Banner made to Eve’s room, please.” We started walking as I slowly ate the eggs, tripping and blinking in shock as he caught me and my plate. “Careful, Love.” He smiled, lifting me up and walking into my room. “If you wish, after you have finished eating I will help you move your furniture to where ever you want them.” He set me down on the bed, handing me my plate and glanced around the room. “White wicker… how…”
‘Tacky?” I offered as I finished the plate of eggs, setting the plate on a table.
‘I’d have preferred dark wood with this paint…” I sighed.
“But the furniture in your room was wicker back in your dimension?” he sat next to me as I stared to the side.
‘It was a hand me down from my little sister…” I sighed.
“Well then, if you prefer dark wood I shall make it dark wood.” He snapped his fingers, causing the wicker to creek and crack as it changed, ending up dark and glossy.
‘Whoa… it’s beautiful…” I stood, moving to the dresser by the door and ran a hand over it.
“Eve!” Tony called as he burst through the door, causing me to quickly race over behind Loki and cling to his back as I stumbled.
‘Great…. What does Tony want now?”
“Tony… must you burst into Eve’s room like this?” Loki growled.
“Bruce said she was in trouble.” Tony glared.
“I assure you she is completely in safe hands.” Loki put a hand to mine.
“I want to hear that from Eve.” Tony glanced over Loki’s shoulder at me.
‘Are you going to tell them my plan to marry you?” Loki asked.
‘No, I won’t tell them, because it’s insane and I’m not going to marry you.” I tightened my grip on his shoulder.
‘You will be mine.” He looked back at me and winked. I felt the pressure on my vocal cords lift.
“I… I’m okay, Tony… Loki’s not a threat to me…” I choked out.
“Your voice is back!” Tony gasped.
“Yes, so now I can verbally say to you that I’m not going to tell you what you wanted to know.”
“Loki, the food for Ms. Eve is being brought up.” JARVIS said.
“We would like to be alone now, Man of Iron.” Loki led me to a coffee table and set me on the couch.
“But I want to talk to Eve.” Tony whimpered.
“I won’t talk about that.” I snapped.
“Fine, I won’t touch it! But I need to talk to you about other things.”
“Then we’ll talk later.” I sighed as a tray of food was carried in by Natasha.
“Someone ask for some food?” Natasha smiled, setting the tray down.
“Thanks, Natasha.”
“Ms. Spy, would you please remove the Man of Iron?” Loki asked.
“Eve, you want Tony gone?”
“Yes please.” I nodded.
“Hey, glad you got your voice back. Come on, Stark, let’s go.” She grabbed Tony by the ear and pulled him out, shutting the door behind them.
I don't want to go to class tomorrow! Omg I don't want to present ;-;

Avengers belongs to Marvel
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