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You snuggle up to the chest of the man who’s arm you were laying on, smiling as the hand of the owner stroked your back and slowly opened your eyes.
“Mm… Tom…?” you mumble, shaking your head and glanced back up at the man. “Ah?! My Lord?! I’m so sorry!” you gasp as Loki slides into view, going to back away and blushed crimson as his arm wrapped around your waist and held you to him. “M-my Lord…?” you whimpered.
“It’s late, Love. Everyone else is asleep. There’s no reason to be scared, it’s just us here.” Loki laughed softly, staring down into your wide eyes and put a hand gently to your face.
“B-but My Lord… this is highly inappropriate… a servant should not lie in her Masters bed, for any reason…” you shut your eyes and shudder in his arms. It was freezing in his chambers, as always. You didn’t question why, you loved the cold but it was too cold tonight, even for you.
“Shall I turn the heat up for you, Pet?” he questioned, noticing you shivering and lifted your chin so you’d look into his green eyes.
“N-no, Master… I know you like it cold... and normally I like the cold but right now it’s just really cold I’m afraid…” you shake your head, trying to squirm out of his grip and yelped slightly as he held you to his chest. “M-my Lord I should go to my chamber now…”
“I think not. You are to remain here until your new chambers are ready for you.” He rubbed his thumb on your shoulder.
“”N-new chambers”, My Lord? I don’t understand…” you glance up at him.
“Yes, new chambers closer to mine so I can call on you whenever I please. You, pet, are to be my personal assistant. You must be close by in order for you to be of use to me.” He smiled, pulling a fur blanket up to your shoulders and tucked it around your body.
“Personal assistant….? W-wouldn’t you like someone more qualified for such a job?” you smile slightly at the warmth surrounding you. “I mean, Leila used to be head of a corporation… she’d be able to understand everything far better than what I could ever do…”
“I see… well then I suppose you will be a different kind of personal assistant. I’ll leave all business stuff for Leila and have you do other chores for me.” He sighed, sitting up and stretching. You noticed that he was wearing only a pair of boxers, your eyes traveling down his back and noticed how tense his muscles were. You felt compelled by a lingering compassion from your past to sit up, running your hands across his back and started massaging his cool flesh. “(Y/n)… I did not instruct you to do this…” his voice was low.
“I-I’m sorry, Master…” you blush, dropping your hands and tossing a few discarded blankets to the floor. You went to slide to the floor when he grabbed your wrist, pulling you closer and placing your hand on his shoulder.
“And I didn’t tell you to stop.” He chuckled softly, sighing as you worked on his back as you worked on his back and gasped as you pushed him onto his stomach. “Oh? Someone’s rather forceful.” He chortled, stretching out as you moved to straddle him and stared kneading his back.
“My Lord!” a guard shouted, rushing in with his sword drawn, racing for you as you quickly scramble back to a wall and duck as his blade swings for your neck.
“You will not touch her!” Loki screams, the casket of Ancient Winters appearing in his hands and froze the guard as he swung at you. When you glanced up you saw the blade inches from your face, looking over at Loki. You blinked as you realized his eyes were red and his skin blue.
“Do not look at me, Pet.” He said softly, turning his back to you and sighing. You stood slowly, stepping quietly over to him and studied him. “I never wished to be seen as I am now… as a monster.”
“Oh Loki…” tears dripped down your cheeks as you threw your arms around him, catching him off guard as he gasped at the sudden contact and struggled to throw you off.
“Let go of me, now!” he ordered, grabbing hold of your arm and tossed you roughly to the ground. You slid across the floor, smashing into the frozen guard and cracking your head open. “Do not tell anyone of what you’ve seen!” he shouted, returning to his pale white flesh as he turned and you lifted your head.
“M-my Lord… you’re not a m-m… monster to me…” you manage to stutter out, smiling softly at him as he stared at you with fear in his eyes and collapsed to the ground.
“(Y-Y/n)… what have I done…?” he whimpered as he knelt in front of you, his hand hovering over your face as you glanced up at him, tears forming in his eyes.
“I don’t… don’t blame you… M-my Lord…” you take his hand softly, kissing it gently and blacked out.

You felt a warm breath blow gently on your neck as you woke slowly, whimpering slightly as your head throbbed and tearing up as your heart ached.
“(Y/n), Love, are you alright?” Tom asked softly, smiling gently as you opened your watery (e/c) eyes and helped you sit up. “(Y/n)… did you have a nightmare…?” he put a hand gently to your face as you pulled your knees to your chest, his blue eyes filled with concern.
“I-I guess you could call it that… but it wasn’t my nightmare…” you sniff, blushing slightly and rubbed at your eyes.
“Would you like to talk about it?” he asked, shifting closer to you and wrapping his arms around you.
“I-I would love to say yes but… I promised I wouldn’t talk about it… although… I never did agree to not speak about how sad he looked when I was seriously injured… I think it scared him horribly…” you shake your head, your lower lip quivering as you turn to him and buried your face in his chest. It felt like your heart had been clawed by a wild bob cat and being in Tom’s arms just helped you calm down.
“I’m guessing you mean Loki, right?” he sighed, rubbing your back gently and kissed the top of your head.
“Y-yes..” you nod.
“Is he cause of your injury in the dream?” you felt his muscles tense.
“He was… but it was an accident and mainly my fault… I don’t blame Loki for any of it… after all… he saved my life…” you giggled slightly, sighing and wincing as a pain runs through your brain. “O-ow!”
“(Y/n), what is it?” he pushed you back, holding you at arms length and glancing over you.
“I-I don’t know… it was… I saw… I saw an image of a sunset picnic… and a… kiss in the moonlight…” you shut your eyes, trying to concentrate.
“What of the man?” he leaned to your ear, his voice desperate.
“I-it was Loki…” you shake your head as he tears up.
“Wait… that’s not right… it was… was you!” your eyes fly open, glancing at him and noticing the tears in his blue eyes. “Tom… where we a couple…? Are we a couple…?”
“That’s right… we were a couple until I got selfish and moved to Africa to care for patients over there.” He smiled widely, the tears dripping down his cheeks as he leaned to you and cupped your face in hands.
“I… I broke up with you to give you the freedom you needed…” you gently rubbed the tears from his face.
“I was so worried I’d never see you awake again when I got the call about your accident. I rushed here as fast as I could… I nearly had a heart attack when I saw you laid up on the hospital bed.” He wrapped you in his arms, pulling you to him and squeezed.
‘If only this was reality… I’d be so happy… but Master Loki needed help…” you sigh, shutting your eyes and clinging to him. ‘Loki is the one who needs me right now…”
“I love you, (Y/n)… I’m so sorry I left you… it was a horrible mistake…” he wept into your hair.
“It’s okay, Tom, we all make mistakes. I never blamed you for wanting to go to Africa.”
“Dr. Hiddleston I’m afraid it’s time for (Y/n)’s test.” Another doctor said, walking in and holding a needle up.
“Right.” Tom cleared his throat, squeezing your shoulders and wiping his eyes.
“Tom seriously, go get some rest.” You smile, wincing as the needle pinched your skin and fell into sleep as he squeezed your hand.
Geez this one is hard to write... Two realities takes a toll. Brownie time!!

Avengers belongs to Marvel
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bandbabe2009 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2015  Student Photographer
THE FEELS! Such tenderness and everything else that is included. Yep, definitely taking a huge toll on me! This is not helping at all! Onward to pt 5!
PreternaturalPixie Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014
How many times have I hit my head now?
Fated-Wings Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Umm... probably eight times by now
PreternaturalPixie Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014
Damn, how the hell am I alive?!
Fated-Wings Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
PreternaturalPixie Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014
Ah! Makes sense.
Lokisservant Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
:iconovariesplz: Oh My Gods :iconcannotevenplz:
Fated-Wings Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
It gets better
Lokisservant Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
MGS44thSt Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I demand more!! D: I'm sorry it's just too good! Whenever you upload the next chapter, please send me the link
Oh, and the thought if Tom in as my doctor? :iconovariesplz: He can poke and prod at whatever he wants.
And Loki? Screw Loki! So far he's been nothing but abusive! What if my brain's bleeding? D:< And was that guard watching the whole time just waiting for a reason to kill me and keep Loki to himself?! Selfish creep!
Long comment I know. Lol I'm just kidding up there ^
Seriously no complaints I was just being silly. Hope I made you smile :)
Fated-Wings Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I'll send you a link but it normally takes me a full day to write this up and I have a job that I need to get done before Monday so I'm a little too busy to write anything at the moment
MGS44thSt Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Oh I understand :/
I'll be looking forward to it thou. I love this story
BladeNakomi Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013  Student General Artist
Hm... I choose Loki! Tom doesn't need help at the moment. Loki on the other hand... Needs lots of help, lots and lots of it.
Fated-Wings Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
That Loki does
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